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Ariño – Nothing Happens Twice ; 2 leporellos

Ariño Israel
Ariño – Nothing Happens Twice ; 2 leporellos

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Editeur Anómalas
Date de parution 2024
Langue Français / Catalan / Espagnol / Anglais
Type de reliure souple
ISBN : 9788409583430

The title of this work by the Catalan photographer Israel Ariño evokes the mythology of the decisive moment. Yet this is quite the contrary to his work, where nothing is pressing or immediate, with no allusions to events or reality, and even less to truth. His photography is more like “visual poetry”: language, speech, vocabulary. This gatefold presentation links several series produced over fifteen years: a collection of images from different environments, part of a practice of wandering and looking. The aim is never to obtain an inventory or a portrait of a place, but to offer a sensitive and dynamic immersion in sparsely populated territories, where we often think nothing happens.

Israel Ariño – Nothing Happens Twice

20 x 25 cm

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