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Jun – Planet Fukushima ; signé par la photographe

Jun Kanno
Jun – Planet Fukushima ; signé par la photographe

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Editeur Akaaka
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais / Japonais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 304
ISBN : 9784865411621

‘Planet Fukushima’ is a two-part record of the past decade in Jun Kanno’s home city in Fukushima Prefecture. Part one, titled “Fat Fish”, focuses on the “temporary storage sites” installed in 2014 for radioactively polluted material produced after the March 2011 nuclear catastrophe. Part two, titled “Little Fish”, presents photographs of the all locations seen in part one, but with a Geiger counter in the foreground. Kanno thus weaves together micro and macro, visible and invisible, future events and past mistakes. Her work not only examines the ongoing catastrophe in Fukushima from a different perspective but also manages to connect local events to a wider scale.

Kanno Jun - Planet Fukushima

26 x 18 cm

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