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Okanoue – Essence of Toshiko Okanoue

Okanoue Toshiko
Okanoue – Essence of Toshiko Okanoue

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Editeur Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Date de parution 2019
Langue Japonais
Type de reliure Relié sous jaquette
Pages 96
ISBN : Essence of Toshiko Okanoue

Toshiko Okanoue is known for her unusual collages, assembled in the 1950s using magazine clippings. Although purely coincidental at first, the parallels between her compositions and aspects of the surrealist movement in Europe led her to evolve her style according to a distinctly feminine sensibility. Photos serve as backgrounds for figural and symbolic expressions in which architecture, vistas, and strange hybrid creatures combine to create bizarre and mysterious spaces, to dramatic effect. A major aspect of her creativity stems from the mementos of society and fashion appearing in these scenes, indicative of the artist’s own time. Dive into the essence of Toshiko Okanoue.

Essence of Toshiko Okanoue

14 x 18 cm

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