The organisation of our exhibitions, the creation of our educational workshops and the growth of our collections would not be possible without the active support of companies and individuals who have to become part of life at the MEP. We could not achieve our ambitions without them.

Institutional partners

The Collectors' Circle

Rafaël Biosse Duplan
Olivier Bourdelas
Emmanuel Goldstein
Anne Louis-Dreyfus
Sabine Marais-Veyrat
Florence Trouche

And the members who wish to remain anonymous

The MEP also warmly thanks

The endowment fund of the MEP, and its founder, Jean-François Dubos
The American Friends of MEP
L’Association des Amis de la MEP

All of its donors:
Jérôme Ceccon
Étienne Guillaneuf
Pascal Houzelot
Françoise de Panafieu
Lélia Wanick Salgado
Sebastião Salgado
Agnès Sire
Marco Spini

All of its subscribers-donors:
Stephen Abramson
Nathalie Baylaucq
Alexandre Blum
Christian Dano
Claire De Panafieu
Thibault De Wazieres
Katharina Faerber
Nicole Genetet Morel
Emily Goldner
François Hivert
Bernard Just
Dominique Levy
Tony Romero
Xavier Roy
Giacomo Servi

Its previous patrons and sponsors:
Fondation Etrillard

Photo: © Nicolas Brasseur