Rachel Fleminger Hudson at the MEP Studio

The MEP Studio, space dedicated to emerging creation, is pleased to present the young British photographer and video artist Rachel Fleminger Hudson, winner of the 2022 Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents. Her transdisciplinary practice also encompasses costuming and set design, and draws on her research in cultural studies.

This first solo exhibition brings together photographs from several different series that explore the imaginary of the 1970s. Some images simulate candid photographs from that period, including photographs of young soccer fans. Others take the form of theatrical mises-en-scène in which her models perform. Although mischievous and playful, the photographs are rigorously constructed and are based on her extensive theoretical and visual research. Observing fashion, and in particular its ability to depict the sociocultural conditions and to express individuality, the artist examines questions of identity, society and history through the prism of the culture of clothing.

Fleminger Hudson is particularly fond of the 1970s thanks to their transitional character. This period was marked by a change in values and lifestyles: modern society and its cult of authenticity gave way to a postmodernism based on reproduction and simulacra. Taking nostalgia as the main focus of her work, the artist challenges our relationship to the past through metarepresentations that pit the authentic against the fictional.

Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Born in 1997 in London, Rachel Fleminger Hudson is a graduate of Central Saint Martin (2022) and Camberwell College of Arts (2017). Winner of the Dior Prize in 2022, she has been exhibited at LUMA Arles.

Untitled © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Sans titre © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Sans titre © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Sans titre © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

Sans titre © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

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