Research Residency — Ann Massal at the MEP

As part of its policy of supporting research, the MEP is pleased to welcome the creative thinker and photographer Ann Massal for a three-month research residency based on its collections and artificial intelligence.

From 5 January to 20 April 2024, Ann Massal is developing a research project at the crossroads between creative writing, photography and artificial intelligence. As a creative thinker & photographer, she decided to shoot questions at an artificial intelligence—in this instance about 25 Photographers from the MEP Collection who made history. This compilation of chats with names such as Larry Clark, Coco Capitan, Ralph Gibson, Rineke Dijkstra ou encore Irving Penn gives us a deep dive into the world of photography.

Questions raised range from the art market to the meaning of the photographic medium to more philosophical endeavors, and will result in a book in collaboration with JBE Books. In part a philosophical essay, in part an art critic of one of the most emblematic photographic collection in the world, this photobook UFO sheds a new light on the world of photography as seen through the lens of AI language.

© Gilles Dacquin

Ann Massal

Born and working in Paris, after having lived in New York City and London, Ann Massal is a creative thinker and photographer who works in both the beauty and fine art worlds. She learned photography at St Martins School and also alongside JH Engström. Her work consistently conveys ambiguity, distorting our traditional perception of photography. She has been widely exhibited including Tribowl Incheon, CENTQUATRE Paris, Helsinki Photo Festival, Cadaques Photo Festival and more.

© Gilles Dacquin

JBE Books

Founded in 2011 in Paris, France and directed by David Desrimais, JBE Books (Jean Boîte Éditions) publishes books in the digital age, in the fields of arts, humanities and poetics with international artists and authors.