Talk with Viviane Sassen and Emanuele Coccia

The MEP is pleased to welcome photographer Viviane Sassen and philosopher Emanuele Coccia on November 12 at 2pm for an exceptional conversation in the auditorium. This exchange will be followed by a signing at the bookshop from 3pm.

Viviane Sassen, known for her surrealist aesthetic photographs, and Emanuele Coccia, a major player in contemporary thought in the field of nature, bring words and images into dialogue in the book Modern Alchemy (2022, JBE Books × Perrier-Jouët).

In this book, made up of 80 photographs and an essay, Viviane Sassen and Emmanuele Coccia renew our relationship to matter and to the artworks in the contemporary era.

“Art and nature are not only equivalent but that they are also twins born from the same mother.”

The conversation around this book will be moderated by David Desrimais, Founder of JBE Books and publisher of the book. At the end of the discussion, Viviane Sassen will sign her books at the MEP bookshop.

The discussion will take place in English.


At the price of an entrance ticket that also gives acces to the exhibitions
On reservation 


Viviane Sassen & Emanuele Coccia, Modern Alchemy, Paris, 2022 © Perrier-Jouët

Viviane Sassen © Perrier-Jouët

Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam who works in both fashion and fine art. Renowned for her vivid and almost unreal photographs of Africa, she develops a personal language around intertwined bodies, sculptural compositions and abstract forms.

Viviane Sassen © Perrier-Jouët
Emanuele Coccia © Perrier-Jouët

Emanuele Coccia

Emanuele Coccia is an Italian philosopher who lives and works in Paris. Specialist in the theory of the image, of nature, he takes an innovative and sensitive look at the living. He has been an associate professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris for 10 years, and author of a large number of books, including The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture (2016), Sensible Life (2010).

Emanuele Coccia © Perrier-Jouët