The exhibition Science/Fiction, a non-history of Plants retraces a visual history of plants linking art, technology and science from the mid-19th century to the present day. Rather than using a chronological approach, it combines the two conceptual frameworks of science and fiction.

The exhibition

Conceived on two levels, the exhibition highlights the audacious efforts of both artists and researchers as they explore ways to connect with the environment. The first part of the exhibition, dedicated to an objective, science-based approach, will bring together principally photographic and video works. The second part will engage viewers in an immersive experience, playing on the porosity between science and (science) fiction, two fields that have made nature a privileged terrain for experimentation.

From scientific documentaries to animist beliefs, from the anxieties linked to genetic mutation to political narratives, from repulsion to fascination, plants offer an inexhaustible source of stories that reveal our deepest desires and fears.