The MEP is inviting French artist Thomas Mailaender to take over its spaces for a Carte Blanche that pushes the boundaries of photographic experimentation.

The exhibition

Thomas Mailaender’s work sits at the intersection of several key disciplines (photography, sculpture, performance, installation art, site specificity and publishing), interrogating the primary function of the image through. Based in Marseille, the multimedia artist re-orients his visual research using both historic and contemporary processes integrating unique photographic materials into a wide range of physical supports from cyanotypes to ceramics. His installations, often monumental in scale, question the role of images and their material status in todays’ society by using found images drawn from a range of sources from old-fashioned local flea-markets to the World Wide Web. This exhibition will bring together a vast array of old and new works together for the first time at the MEP. This Carte Blanche will take the form of an experimental photographic laboratory that is evolving constantly, where visual proposals  question our relationship with images and their everyday consequences.