Adèle Gratacos

Adèle Gratacos
Est-ce si épuisant de scruter l’invisible ?

This immersive exhibition, specially designed for the MEP Studio by Adèle Gratacos, takes us into a powerful world at the intersection of several different disciplines.


Image en une : © Adèle Gratacos

The exhibition

The entire exhibition is an immersive experience. It takes us on a journey that is both visual and auditory: video and recorded sound bring the artist into contact with two figures from the world of science: an astrophysicist and a speech therapist.

Adèle Gratacos attaches great importance to the power of words and language, and textual and visual quotations often form part of her work. Influenced by the writings of Georges Bataille, Henri Michaux and Marina Tsvetaïeva, she also draws from the work of eclectic artists such as Pier Paolo Pasolini. Her work often uses associations of ideas and forms, and her universal approach combines different epochs, inspirations and techniques: for example she presents her own photographs alongside religious imagery from old paintings. Her approach is also collaborative: eager to draw from different approaches and disciplines, she works with personalities from the world of art and science.

With this exhibition, the MEP continues the Studio programme showcasing young artists, in particular those who embrace a variety of different media and approaches. Adèle Gratacos studied video and sculpture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre in Brussels.

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