The Spanish artist Nicolás Combarro uses photography to capture the interventions he makes in unique architectural spaces. Through different artistic practices (painting, sculpture, installations), these places are modified to create new spaces, which the artist then documents in large photographic formats, allowing the viewer to embrace the initial space.

The exhibition

The exhibition presents a selection of interventions by Nicolás Combarro, as well as a work conceived especially for the occasion at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

The series “Spontaneous Architecture” is also on display. It is a photographic ensemble, forming a polyptych of small formats, and representing popular contemporary architecture, on which the artist has worked, always using different techniques (collage, painting, etc.), in order to reveal the hidden abstract forms in them. Neglected and despised architectures, often in a state of degradation, come back to life thanks to the new look given by the artist.

Nicolàs Combarro is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts.


Cristianne Rodrigues

The artist

The Galician artist Nicolás Combarro was born in A Coruña in 1979. He lives in Madrid, where he also works as a curator.

His work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Madrid (Moriarty Gallery, French Institute), Seoul (Kwanhoon Gallery), Barcelona (Carles Taché Gallery and CaixaForum), Lisbon (Teatro da Trindade) and Manila (Pablo Gallery).

His works have been included in several collections in Spain, such as the collection of the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, and the Colección de la Comunidad de Madrid, among others.

Some of the awards he won include the Enaire Photography Award (2017), the Saab Award for Best Exhibition (PhotoEspaña Festival Off, 2008) and the First Prize of Photography INJUVE, representing Spain (2006). He has also been awarded the 20° Fotopress “La Caixa” (Barcelona, 2016) and the Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, 2017).

Nicolás Combarro is the author of the books Arquitectura Espontánea (La Caixa, 2017), Croquis, Arquitectura y resistencia (Cabeza de Chorlito, 2014) and Arquitectura Oculta (DARDO, 2012).