Pamela Tulizo
Face to face


Pamela Tulizo

The young Congolese photographer Pamela Tulizo is the winner of the third edition of the Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents in 2020. In this exhibition, she calls into question the perception of women from her native country.

The exhibition

Born in 1994 in Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pamela Tulizo grew up in Goma, in a region ravaged by civil war and known for the scourge of sexual violence against women. In response to the theme “Face to face”, she highlights the dual identity of Congolese women, from the demeaning image of victims conveyed through the media to a hopeful image – women who are vibrant and resistant, fighting daily against social injustice. The MEP is also presenting her recent series “Enfer Paradisiaque” (2021), inspired by the Covid-19 epidemic: images of models in gorgeous robes incorporating essential products such as light bulbs, food or coal.


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The artist

Trained as a journalist, Pamela Tulizo is a graduate of the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg and lives in Goma.


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