Yoonkyung Jang


Yoonkyung Jang

The MEP inaugurates the MEP Studio with the work of the young Korean artist Yoonkyung Jang, winner of the 2018 Dior Photography Award for Young Talents.

The exhibition

Presented in its entirety, the series “Glimpse of us” is composed entirely of portraits of women and offers a highly personal and allegorical perspective of femininity and beauty. Her use of non-digital photography and her treatment of colour and light give her photographs a strong sense of materiality.

In addition to this poetic dimension, Yoonkyung Jang captures the uncertainties and doubts of young people of her generation who, although interconnected, remain isolated, fragmented and sometimes lost in an increasingly globalised world:

“We live in a chaotic world, and the important thing is not to get lost in it” she says.

This is illustrated in her more personal series “Strange Seoul Rave”, a new set of images presented exclusively in the same exhibition. These portraits, in a smaller format than “Glimpse of us”, depict young people, either friends or people she found in the street. They show a young Korean generation eager to reinvent their values.

Yoonkyung Jang reveals a generation of sensitive young Koreans concerned most of all with their innermost identity, their freedom and their sexuality.

The artist

Yoonkyung Jang studied photography at Chung-Ang University. At just 24 years old she was awarded the Dior Photography Prize for Young Talents, and her work has been published in several magazines and on several websites including I-D France, Paper Magazine, Indie, Oyster, Kingkong, Schön ! Magazine, The Editorial Magazine, and Rookie.

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The MEP Studio

Yoonkyung Jang

Le Studio de la MEP est un programme de soutien à la création émergente, qui offre à de jeunes artistes photographes et vidéastes leur première exposition individuelle dans une institution française.

Yoonkyung Jang