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Armstrong – Polaroids

Armstrong David
Armstrong – Polaroids

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Editeur Morel Books
Date de parution 2015
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide et toilé
Pages 64
ISBN : 9781907071416

Polaroids is an intimate portrait into David’s life, friends and environment, photographed by both him and friends. The series include Bruce Balboni, Nan Goldin, Lisa Love, Cookie Muller as well as family. Many of them also appeared earlier in Night and Day.

Having just finished Night and Day with David back in 2012, David then turned his attention to a series of Polaroids from the 1970s that came to light.

Together with David, we worked on this book, and neither of us thought he would not be here to see it published.  The book was finished – and the very last detail we added was a poem by Frank O’Hara which David requested in his last email about the book.