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Bungert / Dolfen – Kudzu

Bungert Sabine / Dolfen Stefan
Bungert / Dolfen – Kudzu

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Editeur The Velvet Cell
Date de parution 2021
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié sous jaquette
Pages 84
ISBN : 9781908889751

Kudzu, a highly destructive plant first imported into the US from Asia, has become known as “The vine that ate the south”. During the Great Depression, farmers were paid to plant it as it was seen as a good way to combat soil erosion. However, Kudzu can grow over 30cm a day and, as such, today it represents a huge problem for the southern states, even entering the lexicon as a synonym for ‘something that comes in and rapidly takes over everything’. Since 2010 Sabine Bungert and Stefan Dolfen have been working on long term projects together. They are interested in the development of cities and landscapes due to social changes. They are focused on public places, looking for signs of sociocultural aspects of humans, which are expressed in the environment. They both studied photography and editorial design at University Essen (Folkwang), Germany.

Kudzu - Sabine Bungert, Stefan Dolfen

19 x 28 cm

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