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Castañeira – Limbo

Castañeira Sergio
Castañeira – Limbo

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Editeur Anómalas
Langue Anglais / Espagnol
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 80
ISBN : 9788409567225

On 15 August 2014, Sergio Castañeira suffered an accident that caused a spinal injury, leaving him quadriplegic. After spending a year in hospital, he entered a recovery centre for the physically and psychologically handicapped in San Fernando in southern Spain. He remained there from November 2015 until March 2020. During this period, he went back to taking photographs using his mobile phone, after more than a year without being able to do so. It was a re-encounter with photography and, at the same time, a therapy that was a part of the process of adapting to his new life. Like a diary, the images and reflections that appear in this book bear witness to his sojourn there.

Sergio Castañeira – Limbo

21 x 28 cm

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