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Fontcuberta – Contravisiones (signé par Fontcuberta)

Fontcuberta Joan
Fontcuberta – Contravisiones (signé par Fontcuberta)

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Editeur Anómalas
Date de parution 2020
Langue anglais, espagnol
Type de reliure relié sous jaquette
Pages 108
ISBN : 9788409257355

Signé par le photographe / signed by the photographer

Conceptual artist Joan Fontcuberta is known for works that examine the truthfulness of photography. He first employed the term “countervision” in 1977 to suggest a creative practice capable of breaking the mimetic pact with reality. He understood the critical importance of photographs as documents and offered countervision as a way to incline our acceptance of them towards scepticism. Four decades later, such premises have been fully accepted and seem obvious to us. The works in this volume were made during a period marked by upheavals and changes, but 1989 was also when Photoshop was developed, the harbinger of the impending post-photographic phenomenon.

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