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Dolron – Xteriors 2001-2015

Dolron Desirée
Dolron – Xteriors 2001-2015

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Editeur Raven Publishers
Date de parution 2017
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié sous jaquette
Pages 112
ISBN : 9789081700108

Desirée Dolron, Reputed to be one of the most successful Dutch photographers in the world today, recently completed her series ‘Xteriors’ (2001 – 2015). The book, designed by Irma Boom Office, unites all works from this project for the first time. The intentionality of Dolron’s approach is palpable; every decision regarding technique and form is meticulously considered in the pictorial construction of these darkly introverted and strangely timeless photographs. The models inhabit a tranquil and withdrawn realm of near-perfect compositions. Beautifully crafted in a hybridised visual language that blurs the traditional disciplinary boundaries between painting and photography, analogue, and digital. With texts by Wim Pijbes and Charlotte Cotton.


30 x 36 cm