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Emack – Cousins

Emack Kristen Joy
Emack – Cousins

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Editeur L'artiere
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié sous jaquette
Pages 95
ISBN : 9788894515589
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“I’ve been photographing my daughter and nieces for a decade. There’s something sacred about the lives of girls, and their innocent, confident relationships to themselves, their world and one another is gravitational. Between them is an intimate and spiritual knowledge, both ordinary and extraordinary, and I aim to capture the brilliance of their communion. I hope when they look back on this work, they’ll see their beauty, and their devotion to each other, and find themselves here, in this work we made together, reflected with love.” – Kristen Joy Emack.

Kristen Emack documents the moments of tenderness and kinship between her daughter and her cousins as they navigate childhood, bringing up social and racial issues rooted in the visual representation of our world.