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Galban – Exposición en tiempo real / exhibition in real time

Galban Vivian
Galban – Exposición en tiempo real / exhibition in real time

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Editeur Vivian Galban
Date de parution 2021
Langue anglais / espagnol
Type de reliure souple
Pages 248
ISBN : 9789878821443
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The project of Vivian Galban (Buenos Aires, 1969), “Exposición en tiempo real” is a work of experimentation, research and questioning of the analog photographic processes in contemporaneity. From the conception of a large-format installation of a camera obscura, which deconstructs and exposes the process of creating images, Galban develops an interactive photographic performance between the visitor and the resulting work. “A year before the start of the pandemic that altered our notion of time, artist Vivian Galban called for an experience where perception and occurrence (…) They were on the same plane. The singularity of the call was the presence of a camera obscura assault almost the entire exhibition space, and the performance that the artist developed during the hours of exhibition to the public. –Leandro Villaro.