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Galloway – I can feel you dreaming signé par le photographe

Galloway Taylor
Galloway – I can feel you dreaming  signé par le photographe

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Editeur Deadbeat Club
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure souple
Pages 48
ISBN : 9781952523113
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The pictures in Taylor Galloway’s I Can Feel You Dreaming are glimpses of things, sometimes slippery, peripheral, brief, furtive shadows in the margins; they’re slowly unraveling threads that you can’t quite follow back to anything, but that nonetheless feel like clues, pieces of a forensic puzzle; they’re trance visions, or something you briefly noticed while looking for something else. Perhaps they remind you of channel surfing through the foothills of sleep as you toss and turn in a motel bed, slowly emerging from a fever dream or hangover. They’re a sort of Rorschach test, fragments in one of the millions of landfills in the universal subconsciousness. They’re a note you find next to your bed in the morning, mysterious, undecipherable words in vaguely familiar handwriting. They’re a garden of forking paths, the start of a journey that has no clear beginning or end, beyond sleep.

Galloway has taken his lived coincidences and offered them up in what feels like a strange, yet familiar dream from which we awaken with wonder.

Taylor Galloway is a photographer and publisher based in Los Angeles, CA. Galloway’s photographs explore the ideas of memory, navigation, and one’s own place in their journey. His work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe.

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