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Gerretsen – Chile

Gerretsen Chas
Gerretsen – Chile

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Editeur Lecturis
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 291
ISBN : 9789462264847

Photojournalist Chas Gerretsen takes us to Chile under President Salvador Allende. The book documents what happened on the streets of Santiago from January 1973 till September 1974: women demonstrations, miner strikes and student riots, standing in line for hours for the necessities of life. Chas photographed daily live, leading up to the coup d’état on September 11, 1973 and the immediate aftermath: bodies in the streets, funerals, concentration camps – life in a dictatorship. Many of the images were never published before, till Gerretsen started posting them on social media in 2020. The result was a great demand from the Chilean people to see more of the images Chas had taken in their country and a plead for a book creating a permanent memory of President Allende’s last year in office, of the coup and the resulting dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.