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Hinz – Twenty-one Years In One Second

Hinz Erik
Hinz – Twenty-one Years In One Second

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Editeur Peperoni Books
Date de parution 2016
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide et toilé
Pages 144
ISBN : 9783941825819

Based in Münster, Erik Hinz is a freelance photographer whose profession has taken him all over the world. Whether for reports, commissioned work, or to satisfy his own curiosity, his camera has been both his passion and his method for documenting the multitude forms of human behaviour in different environments, situations, and cultures. For this book, Hinz assembled 100 images from more than two decades of work. Indonesia, China, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, England, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus are just some of the places that surface among this captivating series of portraits, urban snapshots, everyday scenes, and more.