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Hoepker – Strange Encounters

Hoepker Thomas
Hoepker – Strange Encounters

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Editeur Peperoni Books
Date de parution 2016
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide
Pages 180
ISBN : 9783941249059

In his extensive career as a photojournalist, Thomas Hoepker has travelled around the world and documented many dramatic and confronting situations for magazines and newspapers. Yet he has always had an eye for absurd, strange, or funny moments and encounters, which are now compiled in this volume. According to Hoepker, most of these are fleeting moments, things you see from the corner of your eye None of the images in this book have been arranged, all of them just happened. The extensive collection of human comedy stumbled upon through careful observation includes both recent photos and others from Hoepkers archive; each is informatively captioned.