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Image ecology

Levin Boaz
Image ecology

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Editeur Spector Books
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais
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Pages 158
ISBN : 9783959057660
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Image Ecology offers an survey of new approaches to environmental photography. In an attempt to document the systemic causes of the climate crisis, works in the exhibition explore their own material and social conditions. The exhibition disentangles photography as an ecological practice, a medium that is defined as much by the nexus of material, labor, energy and waste that its production and circulation require as by what it represents.
Featuring an extensive essay by environmental historian Jason W. Moore, and contributions by over a dozen international writers, the catalogue unpacks its own production process: from material supply chains to working conditions to wrapping and postage. Made possible by the Crespo Foundation.
Boaz Levin is a writer and curator based in Berlin and of Cabinet magazine’s format Kiosk.
Kathrin Schönegg is a historian of photography. She works as a head of programming and curator at the C/O Berlin Foundation.

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