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Jacrot – Lost In the beauty of bad weather

Jacrot Christophe
Jacrot – Lost In the beauty of bad weather

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Editeur Teneues Verlag
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais / Allemand
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Pages 208
ISBN : 9783961714971
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When a bad weather front piles up in front of a big city, Christophe Jacrot is certainly not far away. The French photographer specifically looks for rain and snow to capture his atmospheric snapshots. The bad weather conditions give the motifs special lighting conditions. Jacrot’s subjects could come from film noir, but they are deliberately in color. For more than a decade, the name Christophe Jacrot has been associated with the photography of landscapes (urban or natural) determined by the weather. In his work, weather conditions are always extreme: the city is seen through a windowpane dripping with rain or a curtain of snow. His images capture the beauty of megacities transfigured by the weather with perfection and poetry. In his eyes, “there are two ways of photographing the world: capturing its horror or sublimating it”. In view of his nature photography, it quickly becomes clear which he prefers. Text in English and German.