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Jonsson – Your arms are so soft they are like lamb wool

Jónsson Orri / Adams Robert / Callahan Bill
Jonsson – Your arms are so soft they are like lamb wool

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Editeur Orri Jónsson
Date de parution 2022
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide et toilé
Pages 136
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Serious long-term photography projects on the subject of family, made by male photographers – fathers – has, for some reason, been somewhat lacking from photobook publications. Orri’s new photobook, Your arms are so soft they are like lamb wool, is a visceral document of family life spanning 33 years, pieced together from visual fragments, mundane moments of living, most of which would be forgotten if not for the photographs. There is some kind of narrative oating around, although elusive, it’s obviously personal but pointing to things bigger than itself. The book includes an afterword by Robert Adams and a text by musician Bill Callahan.

Orri sensed that a conceptual approach to these images would be stiing and contrived, therefore the editing gradually came together through a process that could be described as musical. He did not want an academic, or analytical, text anywhere near this work, a prerequisite that Bill Callahan instinctively understood when contributing his accompanying prose.

Orri uses photography as a learning device, as opposed to an illustrative one, embracing the possibility of the work transcribing meaning beyond his control – hence the afterword by Robert Adams.

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