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Kawauchi – Here and Now

Kawauchi Rinko / Tanikawa Shuntaro
Kawauchi – Here and Now

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Editeur Torch Press
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais / Japonais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 64
ISBN : 9784907562434
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‘Here and Now’ combines poems by Shuntaro Tanikawa and photographs by Rinko Kawauchi. The photobook was composed by Kawauchi in such a way so the words and images closely correspond with one another, while the words themselves are woven into the rhythm of the pages designed by art director Hideyuki Saito. The title poem, “Here and Now”, is accompanied by fresh photographs of nature’s breath, gently coaxing the reader on an imaginative journey into the universe and beyond.

20 x 22 cm

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