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Moriyama – Nagisa signé par Moriyama

Moriyama Daido
Moriyama – Nagisa signé par Moriyama

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Editeur Nagasawa
Date de parution 2010
Langue anglais, japonais
Type de reliure souple
Pages 324

Born in 1938 in Osaka. Daido Moriyama embarked on a career as a freelance photographer in 1964. His works are collected in a number of books including “A Photo Theater”, “Farewell Photography” and “Shinjuku”. As of now a total of 17 volumes of his privately published photography magazine “Record” have been issued sequentially. This book shows his photographs he made of Nagisa Yoko a singer who has been devoting herself entirely to the Japanese kayokyoku pop songs and her collaboration with the Crazy Ken Band, The Happenings Four and a variety of other artists.

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