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Moriyama – Record 52

Moriyama Daido
Moriyama – Record 52

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Editeur Akio Nagasawa
Date de parution 2022
Langue anglais, japonais
Type de reliure souple
Pages 120
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Daido Moriyama looks at Tokyo unlike anyone else. On the occasion of the publication of the 50th volume of ‘Record’, his works were shown in a celebratory slide show at a gallery in Ginza. Reflecting on that moment in this volume, he recounts how, standing in the midst of the strange and chaotic images from Tokyo, Marrakech, and New York that covered every inch of the gallery’s walls, perpetually illuminated by seven projectors, he felt suddenly disconnected from them. At once, the images transformed into the very “spirit” of photography itself. For Moriyama, the experience of witnessing this slide show of his own works taught him a whole new way of responding to them.

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