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Murat Sen – Fading away

Yusuf Murat Sen
Murat  Sen – Fading away

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Editeur Masa
Date de parution 2019
Langue anglais / turc
Type de reliure rigide
ISBN : 9786059194372

“In the self-published photo book ‘Fading Away,’ lecturer and photographer Murat Yusuf SEN visualizes the disappearance of people in photographs. The fading of images is part of the essence of photography, just as the fading of memories of people themselves is the fate of every person depicted on photographic paper or digitally. Very worth reading are the two texts (also reproduced in English) by Ezgi Bakcay and Firat Arapoglu, who also name the political aspect of the disappearing people in Murat Yusuf SEN’s images.” (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)
“The photo book ‘Fading Away’ is a celebration of the orchestration and uniqueness of the photographic image. It shows the power the photographer possesses when recreating a moment of truth. The mysterious journey that sprang from inside the envelope turns out to be a constructed arena of grief due to the nature of the medium.” (freely translated, © Ezgi Bakçay)
“At this point, the artist must show what has never been seen before and create an awareness. Yusuf Murat ŞEN presents the audience with images that are meant to frighten, at least at first glance. They create a momentum in which the viewer can develop a response. Yusuf Murat ŞEN, aware of this, recreates the images with different code systems. Unambiguous descriptions of pain and destruction are now evaluated on a different axis. Therefore, the artist shines with his unconventional way of thinking, which gives way to a rare art form. And this, in my opinion, is precisely at the forefront of Yusuf Murat ŞEN’s many special qualities as an artist.”

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