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Nordenskiöld – From nothing

Nordenskiöld Annika
Nordenskiöld – From nothing

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Editeur Bokförlaget Max Ström
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 112
ISBN : 9789171266194

The first extraordinary art book created through promtography. The artist and author has created the images, not with paint and brush but with AI.

This is an incredible selection of images, created through promtography. The artist Annika Nordenskiöld has used AI as a tool to portray her dreams and inner fantasies. None of the places, people or creatures in this book exist in the physical realm. Instead, they are conjured from the sum of human experience in our deep collective well. «I press enter and four versions of an image start appearing in the darkness. I have prompted deliberately, starting with characters and themes, the mood, and what matters most. Adding lesser details towards the end. I do not reference any existing work or artist, but I am specific with the time and setting. Slowly layers are added, and shapes are taking form.» The result is a book that is both beautiful and intriguing.

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