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Nozolino – Far cry ; expo Portugal (Serralves) 2005 ; signé par Nozolino

Nozolino Paulo
Nozolino – Far cry ; expo Portugal (Serralves) 2005 ; signé par Nozolino

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Editeur Steidl
Date de parution 2005
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide
Pages 140
ISBN : 9783865211224
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Paulo Nozolino makes only black-and-white photographs, infused with darkness, of spaces that allow only hazy incursions of light. Their locations range over the world, but are often unspecified: airports, alleyways, soaring stone buildings. They depict a modern condition of alienation that is universal, though one of his most wrenching series, however, covers the very specifically located horrors of Auschwitz. This publication assembles for the first time photographs from Nozolino’s different projects over the years, from Bosnia and the Arab world to South America and Mauritania. Well-known in the world of European photography, Nozolino chronicles thematic, temporal and pictorial frontiers, ones between light and dark, good and evil, alienation and hope.

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