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Panar – Winter Nights, Walking

Panar Ed
Panar – Winter Nights, Walking

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Editeur Fw : Books
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure rigide et toilé
Pages 128
ISBN : 9789083345918

The title refers to a celebrated photography project by the American artist Robert Adams entitled ‘Summer Nights, Walking’, which was made in the city of Denver, Colorado. While the project could be seen as a nod to Adams, Panar’s intention is to create something specifically about Pittsburgh, in which he highlights the unique qualities of the recent winter seasons in this region, with an eye towards the changing climate and the dark winters of the Covid-19 pandemic. Wandering the city alone at night, Panar invites us to consider the familiar space of the city in its uncanny delight, with a heightened sense of stillness and quiet all around, as if the world itself has been placed on mute.

22 x 26 cm