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Patel – Dori

Patel Kaamna
Patel – Dori

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Editeur Jojo
Date de parution 2021
Langue anglais / Hindi
Type de reliure rigide
ISBN : 9789354378799
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Ba & Dada (the artist’s grandparents) were paired together by their parents in Gujarat when they were 3 & 5 years old respectively. Now aged 94 & 96, their relationship is still evolving albeit the limbo that a long and healthy life leaves you in. Dori (thread) looks to bind the artists’ questions on love and family by observing an important relationship that she grew up with as a child within joint family, that of her grandparents. Incorporating her images with family archives and conversations, the book stands testament to a life shared between two strangers who met as children, and of their love through the ages. The book dummy was shortlisted for Kassel Photobook Dummy Award 2019. The special edition of 50 copies comes wrapped in part of Ba’s saree with Piko edges, a stitching technique that is standard practice after buying a saree to protect the edges.

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