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Power – Good morning, america (volume iv)

Power Mark
Power – Good morning, america (volume iv)

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Editeur Gost Books
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure rigide et toilé
Pages 166
ISBN : 9781915423030

Power moved slowly through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming before heading back to Colorado. In a later trip he travelled to Alaska and then another lengthy trip to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and upstate New York. This new book includes some of these new images alongside those taken on previous trips.

Power has described the process to be like ‘assembling a large and complicated jigsaw puzzle with little idea of what the final picture will be.’ Each book in the series has represented a shift in mood or tone.

This latest book has seen the human presence subtly move from the peripheries or the incidental in the landscape to being a more integral part of some images. The tone of the book is more optimistic than previously, and the human presence diminishes a sense of isolation so often present in the vast landscape. In the background on his recent trips the political landscape had shifted with the election of Joe Biden as 46th President. Power was aware that although domestic US politics seemed less dramatic and eventful under the new president, that the country remained divided with the next election around the corner.

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