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Roselló / Guillumet – Registro pendiente

Roselló Mònica / Guillumet Jordi / Gili Marta
Roselló / Guillumet – Registro pendiente

58.24 TVA incluse

Rupture de stock

Editeur Ediciones Anómalas
Date de parution 2022
Langue anglais / espagnol
Type de reliure souple
Pages 118
ISBN : 9788409413386
En rupture de stock

The evocative and poetic black-and-white photographs in this book show fragments of the world, alluding to memory and storytelling. It is less about the meaning of the images, but rather the embodiment of the human spirit. With text by Marta Gili, she writes that this work is “an exaltation in images of the immense value of life, while it lasts.” It is the winner of the sixth edition of the Fotocanal Photography Book Contest 2021, organized by the Community of Madrid and Ediciones Anómalas.