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Steiner – Albert Steiner : the photographic work

Steiner Albert
Steiner – Albert Steiner : the photographic work

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Editeur Steidl
Date de parution 2006
Langue anglais
Type de reliure relié sous jaquette
Pages 240
ISBN : 9783865212047
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Albert Steiner was one of the finest Swiss photographers of the twentieth century. Like Ansel Adams, he favored imposing natural phenomena, landscapes with what might be called good bone structure, (in his case the Alps, in Adams’s comparable work, the American West), and he printed his vision of them in black-and-white, revealing nature in all its majesty. His impressive scenic work has fundamentally shaped the world’s perception of Switzerland as an alpine country of timeless beauty. It spans the period from before World War I–an era of pictorially inspired images that look like oil paintings–to the straightforward and elegantly modern photography of the 1930s. Unlike many other photographers of the same generation active in the same area, Steiner saw photography as a completely appropriate means of creating works of art, and considered himself an artist.

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