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Storch – Necromancer

Storch Inuuteq
Storch – Necromancer

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Editeur Marrow Press
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 224
ISBN : 9781907071386

Inuuteq Storch has distinguished himself in recent years as a shining star on the international photography scene, not least following his selection as the representative for Denmark at the Biennale in Venice, 2024. His new book Necromancer specifically explores Greenlandic society during the Covid pandemic. Here, Storch trains his gaze on the effects and aftermath of a pandemic on a society like Greenland’s. The images are not classically documentary (nor are they solely from Greenland), but rather more arbitrary glimpses of emotion and atmosphere, suffused with an intimacy and melancholy that seem strongly connected to the spiritual. While creating the book, Storch’s fascination with occultism and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds grew – hence its title, Necromancer. At the same time, the images arose out of the post-apocalyptic context of a global pandemic, its overwhelming personal consequences, and the feeling of being alone in the world. Like all of Storch’s work, the book has a distinct poetic vein that invites readers to immerse themselves in Storch’s restlessness or to build upon the images, creating narratives of their own.

Necromancer - Inuuteq Storch

16 x 24 cm

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