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Sturm – You Don’t Look Native to Me

Sturm Maria
Sturm – You Don’t Look Native to Me

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Editeur Void
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 112
ISBN : 9786185479305

In a quaint town nestled in North Carolina, the Lumbee tribe defies conventional notions of identity. Since 2011, photographer Maria Sturm has been capturing their stories. In one particular community, identity transcends mere appearance, finding its roots in lineage and history. Sturm delves into the lives of the youth, who are forging their own paths to self-discovery. The series in turn becomes a compelling exploration of our outdated criteria for constructing identity. Through images of people, places, and interiors, she confronts misconceptions about Native American identity, raising poignant questions concerning how stereotypes seep into our perceptions as truths.