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Tamagni – Style is life

Tamagni Daniele / Courreges
Tamagni – Style is life

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Editeur Kehrer
Date de parution 2024
Langue anglais
Type de reliure rigide
Pages 253
ISBN : 9783969001547

Style Is Life brings together Daniele Tamagni’s images of Congolese sapeurs, Botswana’s Afrometals, Bolivian wrestlers, young Johannesburg dance groups and more, showcasing famous and unpublished photographs that remind us of the subversive and political value of fashion. ‘With every picture of Daniele it becomes clear that he was not a photographer who simply captured moments detached from the surroundings or the people. He immersed himself in every moment and uniquely positioned himself as a foreign photographer who cared about building a relationship with his subject.’ (Aida Muluneh) .’Daniele’s images have won the World Press Photo, fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Stella Jean inspired, convinced the demanding jury of the ICP Infinity Award and seduced artists like Solange Knowles.’ (Chiara Bardelli Nonino).

24 x 32 cm

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