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Troubridge – The trouble with Amelia

Troubridge Amelia
Troubridge – The trouble with Amelia

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Editeur Booth Clibborn
Date de parution 2004
Langue anglais
Type de reliure relié sous jaquette
Pages 201
ISBN : 9781861542670

For eight years London-based, award-winning photographer Amelia Troubridge has been shooting men who walk the line, from Bill Clinton to Fidel Castro to Hugh Hefner. Her photographs explore male fantasies-of cars, power, money, life on the wild side, crime, celebrity, war, and rock music. But they also go beneath the surface, revealing the fears, hopes, and fragility of the male character, and of the world that shapes it, in brilliantly observed background detail. For this book, Troubridge’s photographs have been sequenced to tell a powerful story.

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