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Tscholl – Imaginary Ecologies

Tscholl Martin
Tscholl – Imaginary Ecologies

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Editeur The Eriskay Connection
Date de parution 2024
Langue Anglais
Type de reliure Relié
Pages 240
ISBN : 9789083357157

A significant part of the work of artistic researcher Martin Tscholl (DE) involves walking through meadows, forests, and mountains. Here, he encounters a web of interconnections that extends far beyond the realm of humans. This web is inhabited by a wide variety of organisms, materials, and processes that are mutually dependent and in permanent change. By actively looking out for these other beings a correspondence between the human and the non-human spheres starts to unfold. In this process the apparent opposites of the rational and irrational, life and non-life, art and nature, converge. Tscholl’s photography allows us to recognise the silent fragments of nature as being different from us, but also as originating from the same ontological ground.

Martin Tscholl – Imaginary Ecologies

23 x 31 cm

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