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Van de Voorde – Death is Not Here

Van de Voorde Wouter
Van de Voorde – Death is Not Here

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Editeur Void
Date de parution 2023
Langue anglais
Type de reliure souple
Pages 217
ISBN : 9786185479251
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‘Death is Not Here’ is a personal time capsule for a particularly significant period in Wouter van de Voorde’s life. Coinciding with the Covid-19 lockdown, the photographer was also about to become a father for the second time. He reflects on the convergence of life and death. Exploring and photographing the areas surrounding his adoptive homeland give him a sense of belonging. Having studied painting before, Van de Voorde approaches lighting and photography with a painter’s eye. The monochrome images in this book were created on the lands of the Indigenous Ngunnawal people, the First Nation and Traditional Custodians of the Canberra, Australia, region.