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Yokonami – Tumble

Yokonami Osamu
Yokonami – Tumble

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Editeur Libraryman
Date de parution 2023
Langue Anglais / Japonais
Type de reliure Relié sous jaquette
Pages 96
ISBN : 9789188113665
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A few tenths of a second one spends rolling is a moment beyond our control. This is the moment when each individuality emerges, whether it’s a character, a gift, or a result of hard work (although one might not consider denguri-gaeri as hard work). This moment captures the very unique 間 (ma)—which generally means ‘personal space’ or ‘timing’—of that individual.

This 間 (ma) expressed in Tumble corresponds to the 間 (ma)—also meaning ‘terms’ or ‘relationship’—that one forms through interaction with society.

Osamu Yokonami (b. 1967, Japanese) sees it as a fundamental and intriguing nature of our existence.

Photographs made between 2005 and 2023 in Japan and Taiwan.

The book contains a foreword, in Japanese, written by novelist Seiko Ito (b. 1961, Japanese), with an English translation.

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