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Brotherus – Sebaldiana. Memento mori

Brotherus Elina
Brotherus – Sebaldiana. Memento mori

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Editeur Elina Brotherus
Date de parution 2022
Langue anglais / français / allemand / finnois
Type de reliure rigide
Pages 167
ISBN : 9789529465859

Before my first visit to Corsica, I read W. G. Sebald’s posthumous fragmentary texts on Corsica. He had been writing a book about the island, but it remained unfinished at his untimely death. Sebald became my guide to Corsica. I went to the places he writes about: the forest of Aitone and massif of Bavella, to a hotel on the red cliffs above the village of Piana, the nearby beach and the cemetery. I remembered my own dead. I looked for places so beautiful that if I were Corsican, I would want them to be buried there.

My father was an amateur photographer. He gave me my first camera. When my mother was widowed at the age of 37, she enrolled in an art school and had four years of fulfilment. I am a photographer because of my father, but because of my mother I became an artist. This series is a tribute not only to the Island of Beauty and to my favourite author, but also to my mother, Ulla Brita Brotherus, née Sommar (1944–1985).

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