Esther et Jochen Gerz

Esther et Jochen Gerz
Reasons to smile



Reasons to smile, by Esther and Johen Gerz, is an interactive piece of work, which will remain unfinished as long as the artists are alive. By sending them an undeveloped roll of film of yourself smiling, you will become a part of this work, while at the same time modifying and extending it. Just think of something which makes you smile.

There are undoubtedly as many Reasons to smile as there are people, and, as far as we know, these reasons are as fleeting as are the smiles they provoke. But in reality, it seems there are more reasons not to smile. We still smile, and do other things, despite what we know of them. Nothing seems closer to us, and further from death, than a smile.

All these contributions are part of Reasons to smile, which will be presented in exhibitions as long as it changes and remains incomplete, that is to say until the death of one of the artists.